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Lamb Shanks $14.99kg - Halalia

    Lamb Shanks (Per kg)


      Approximately 2 shanks per kilo.

      Upon receiving your order, fresh halal lamb shanks are cut and packed by our qualified butchers for delivery. 

      We're here to make your life easy, healthy, fresh and delicious. By choosing your subscription box, you can take control of your weekly/fortnightly halal meat delivery to your door... It's like fresh halal meat delivery on autopilot.

      Recipe Ideas:  Kabsa Lamb, Moroccan lamb shanks, Crispy glazed lamb shanks, Lamb shanks enriched with chocolate, Indian lamb shank pot roast, Curried lamb shank, amaranth and chickpea soup, Pot-roasted lamb shanks with polenta and sprouts, Foil-baked lamb shanks with warm eggplant salad, Braised lamb shanks with potatoes, olives and lemon, Lamb paprikash, Lamb shanks with wasabi mash or Lamb shanks with currants, cinnamon and almonds; Lamb Shanks with Sweet Potato Mash & Greens. For latest halal recipes click here


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