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SmallFamily Meat Box-HALALIA

    SmallFamily Meat Box

    $199.00 $210.00

      Our SmallFamily Meat Box contains a variety of popular halal meats including beef, lamb and chicken (All of our chicken products are hand slaughtered & with no antibiotics or added hormones ever).

      The image shown is an example, however the description below is the correct products received in the SmallFamily Meat Box hamper.

      • 1.7kg Diced Beef
      • 1.0kg Premium Beef Mince
      • 2.0kg Diced Lamb
      • 1.0kg Premium Lamb Mince
      • 1.5kg Lamb BBQ Chops
      • 2.0kg Diced Chicken
      • 1.0kg Chicken Mince
      • 1x Size13 Whole Chicken

        Recipe Ideas: Shish Kebab; Braised lamb with Roast Vegetables; Chicken Meatball Soup; Wild Olive, Chicken & Thyme Pasta; Chicken Shami Kebab; Lamb Kebabs with Mint Yogurt Sauce; Lamb Masala; Spaghetti Bolognese; Beef Lasagne; Beef Kafta; Lebanese Hushwee Rice. For latest halal recipes click here


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